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Welcome to Yes Talkz’s Privacy Policy

What we share on this website and what information you will find on this website will help you understand the privacy policy of our website. If you use our site, you must comply with our Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Share On This Website.

  1. Information related to politics, entertainment, sports, technology and internet is shared on this site.
  2. Information related to the politics of the country and the world is shared on this site.
  3. The news of the world of entertainment is shared on this site
  4. In this we share all the news related to the game.
  5. On this website you will also be connected to the world of technology.

What Can We Do For You

  1. You can comment and give us suggestions about the information we share.
  2. For suggestions and improvements to our website, you can Contact Us on the Contact Us Page.
  3. In addition, you can also tell us a topic on which we can help by writing articles and sharing with you.

How To Use Yes Talkz

  1. Do not make any kind of derogatory/derogatory remarks in
  2. Post your comment in the comment box under the same post you want to reply to.
  3. Do not use derogatory words in the comments.
  4. If you have any problem about us or our website, you can directly message us on Contact Us page.


Like any other website, Yes Talkz uses ‘cookies’. Cookies are small amounts of data that browsers use. We can use cookies for the future of our website.


Ads Partner is used on this site, which are our source of income. Meaning we share free information on this site. There is no pressure on you to click on the ad.

What Can We Do If We Break The Privacy Policy

You can comment on this through Gmail Id, a service of Google in our website. If you break the rules of our website, we can also report you to Google, we can block your Gmail ID by doing so.

  1. We can block you from
  2. 2.We may also delete your comment.

Change Privacy Policy

We may change our Privacy Policy at any time, which will be informed to you.

All Right Reserved

You may post a link to your site or any other site only with our permission.
We have the absolute right to remove your comment block, so we hope that you will never break the privacy policy of our site.

Terms And Condition

The rules given to you tell our Privacy Policy, which we can change in the future, so I hope you will follow our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about our Privacy Policy or need more information, feel free to contact us or contact us via email at