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Celebrity pop star Olivia Newton John dies at 73

Celebrity pop star Olivia Newton John dies at 73. John Easterling informed about the passing regarding his significant other by sharing a post on Olivia Newton John’s official Instagram account. The vocalist and entertainer had been sick for quite a while.

Celebrity pop star Olivia Newton John dies at 73
Celebrity pop star Olivia Newton John dies at 73

What happened to the famous pop star Olivia Newton John

One of the greatest pop stars of the ’70s and four-time Grammy Award winning vocalist and entertainer Olivia Newton John has kicked the bucket after a delayed disease. Olivia’s better half John Easterling, 73, affirmed her demise by sharing a post via online entertainment. Artist kicked the bucket on Monday at his Southern California home.

Her husband gave information

John Easterling shared a post on Olivia’s original Instagram account about the devastation in relation to his boyfriend. John formed, ‘Lady Olivia Newton-John spent today in Southern California. During this she was with her friends and family. We request everyone to kindly respect the safety of the family during this critical time.’ He further added that Olivia was suffering from chest ailment for the past 30 years. Olivia is left behind by many people, including life partner John Easterling, young lady Chloe Latonzi, sister Sarah Nutter John, kin Toby Newton John.

Was uncovered to have disease in 2018

Olivia Newton John revealed in September 2018 that she was going through the deadly cancer. This was his third fatal growth discovery, after fighting Bosom’s disease in the mid-90s and in 2017. Due to his fatal development, he had to leave the show as well.

Started at a young age

Olivia Newton John began proceeding as a youngster craftsman. In 1971, he got his most memorable large accomplishment with ‘Without yourself’. The progress of the melody took her to number 25 on Billboard’s Hot 100 outline. In 1

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