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Hollywood actress Anne Heche’s car accident, actress’s condition is critical

Hollywood actress Anne Heche’s car accident into a building that was on fire and she was seriously injured. The condition of the actress remains very critical. At the same time, firefighters had to struggle for about an hour to douse the fire, then the fire was brought under control.

Hollywood actress Anne Heche's car accident
Hollywood actress Anne Heche’s car accident

Hollywood actress Anne Hetchy has become a victim of a road accident. The actress’s car rammed into a building in the Mar Vista area of ​​Los Angeles and caught fire. 53-year-old Anne was seriously injured in the accident and has been admitted to the hospital. The condition of the actress remains critical. Anne has worked in many superhit films like ‘Volcano’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Six Days Seven Nights’, ‘I Know What You Did’.

Where did Anne Heche’s accident happen

According to the report, Anne Heche had an accident in Los Angeles on Friday morning. The entertainer’s vehicle collided with a structure on Walgrove Avenue in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, and the building it collided with was already on fire. Anne Heche was seriously injured in this accident.

He is currently undergoing treatment at the medical clinic. The vehicle had caught fire before the local fire brigade arrived. A local group of firefighters said it took about an hour for 59 firefighters to control the structure where Anne’s vehicle was affected.

How is Anne Heche now

Some recordings related to the episode have been shared by TMZ. One video shows Anne pulling out of her crashed Blue Mini Cooper, while another video shows her being taken to a clinic by a rescue vehicle. According to the information, Anne is currently in ICU. He has experienced severe burning pain, which will take time to recover.

What did the people present during the accident say

As told by persons present at the time of the accident, Anne Heche’s vehicle had first hit an apartment garage, after which residents of the premises tried to pull her out, but Anne Heche reversed the car. The car went and collided with the building in which there was a fire, in this accident, Anne is badly scorched.

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